Our gel packs are manufactured using quality non-toxic gel and food-grade laminated nylon bags for extra strength and providing an exceptional high quality product. The range offers our customers the perfect choice in sizes to comfortably use on any part of the body from head to toe. All our products are 100% Australian made and we stand behind our range of quality, fully-guaranteed sports injury and pain relief products.


Blue Healer hot/cold gel packs are the ideal first aid for the relief from all soft tissue injuries and for pain control of minor cuts, abrasion, burns, and headaches.


For cold therapy store the pack in the hygienic, reusable container it was packed in and place directly in the freezer for immediate first aid use. The gel contains a pharmaceutical grade glycol which allows it to be stored in the freezer without freezing solid. For use as a comforting heat pack, simply remove the pack from the container and place in a bowl of hot water.


Follow the instructions on the pack for recommended usage.


We manufacture four (4) different gel packs:

  • 042 - Regular gel pack
  • 043 - Large gel pack
  • 044 - Regular gel pack with a 100% cotton bandage
  • 045 - Large gel pack with a 100% cotton bandage 

Regular Gel Pack (042)

This size pack is most suitable for smaller needs, and especially for children with adult supervision.


Dimensions: 145mm x 235mm

Large Gel Pack (043) 

This pack contains approximately 80% more gel than the regular pack. 


Dimensions: 180mm x 270mm

Regular Bandage Gel Pack (044)

This gel pack is the same size as the regular gel pack but comes with a 100% stretchable cotton bandage with velcro straps. This allows the gel pack to be fastened around an injury to allow movement during use.


Dimensions: 145mm x 235mm


Large Bandage Gel Pack (045)

Our Large Bandage Gel Pack consists of our large gel pack with a 100% stretch cotton bandage with velcro straps. This allows the user to place the pack on a leg and use the straps to hold it in place without the need to hold it in place manually.


Dimensions: 180mm x 270mm

The Blue Healer range of products come in a transparent, hygienic container which can be reused as storage for the gel pack when not in use. The gel pack can be stored in this container and placed directly into the freezer for immediate use as and when required.


In addition to the products above, we are able to offer customised and branded gel packs as well as bandage solutions. For more information on these options, please contact us through the Contact Us page.